Thursday, January 13, 2011

"The Design Difference: In Brownsville, Enormous Urban Challenges, and Hope" by Alissa Walker

Check out this article written by Alissa Walker who writes for GOOD. GOOD is a online publication that covers and reports on topics such as Action, Health, Politics and Technology. The article Alissa Walker wrote "The Design Difference: In Brownsville, Enormous Urban Challenges, and Hope" speaks about the solutions Brownsville needs in the community! 

It is a 3 part series!

Read this excerpt right here:

GOOD was asked to attend The Design Difference, a charrette held by the Japan Society, Common Ground, and the Designers Accord. In this series, we're examining design solutions to social problems and ways for designers to contribute pro bono work for the proposed solutions.

Brownsville Partnership Weekly "Koffee Klatsch"

On Wednesday January 12th, 2011, Karrie Scarboro, one of our Community Planning Partners, held a "Koffee Klutch" at her residence. "Koffee Klutch" is a weekly event sponsored by Brownsville Partnership. You can deem this a discussion group because we talk about the issues and concerns our residents of Brownsville have. For more information about the weekly "Koffee Klutch" you can contact Karrie Scarboro at or Randy Millard at

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Unlimited Potential:Saquan Thompson by Randy Millard

Randy Millard, one of our Community Planning Partners, is also a Freelance Journalist for different media outlets in the city such as and Bounce Magazine. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of his blog The Brownsville Journal, which is located on (The Brownsville Journal).

This is one of his pieces of work that was featured on This is about Saquan Thompson who was a great kid and a talented basketball player. Saquan was from Brownsville.

Read this people!

Unilimited Potential: Saquan Thompson  by Randy Millard

The game of Basketball builds friendships, bonds, brotherhoods, and lastly lifetime memories. In New York City, we New Yorkers cherish this game. Basketball dominates New York City. We love The World’s Most Famous Area that is better known as Madison Square Garden. We love the wars on the cracked asphalt in the parks. We love the friendly neighborhood dogfights when someone makes a “bad” call in a heated game. We love New York City High School Basketball. Saquan Thompson played New York City High School Basketball.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Brownsville Partnership You Tube Page

Karrie Scarboro and Randy Millard along with Erica Mateo have created a You Tube page for Brownsville Partnership. Our Community Planning Partners have been in the community doing excellent work thus far. As they came were conducting the Community Planning Partner Survey # 1, they came up with the idea to conduct surveys in different ways such as: