Monday, December 13, 2010

Mother Gaston's Brownsville Corner Stories

"One day I was looking out from my stoop and watching all the children play. People were chatting on the street, and it made me think about Brownsville. Though our heritage and culture runs deep, I felt there was something lacking within our community. 

But what was it?

I realized that I wanted to empower the youth and make them proud of their common heritage. Then I knew what I needed to do: create an educational and cultural center for old and young people of the neighborhood. This idea was the seed for the Heritage House."

Mother Rosetta Gaston had a dream for Brownsville. Mother Rosetta Gaston's dream for our community was for everyone to know their culture and history. Understand, if you we do not know who we are, then what are we living for? Mother Rosetta Gaston name still lives on in Brownsville.

Brownsville's P.S.12 fighting to save after-school tutoring program

(Photo Courtesy of NY Daily News)
"A Brownsville school is fighting to save an after-school tutoring program for at-risk kids that once spared it from a state takeover."

People let's save our schools!

 Check out this article on the New York Daily News website written by Ben Chapman. Ben Chapman composed an article about how P.S. 12 is going to lose their after-school literacy program due to Citywide budget cuts. The literacy program at the Brownsville school gives students one-on-one instruction to teach students basic reading methods to students in Grades three, four and five who reads at three grades below their reading level.

Let's Save Our Schools!

Click this link to read the article in its entirety: P.S. 12 Fighting to Save After-School Tutoring Program