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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Community Planning Partner Survey #1

Our Community Planning Partners, Randy Millard and Karrie Scarboro, put together a survey with questions regarding the state of Brownsville. Despite the violence and the everyday struggle a Brownsville resident endures, we must put our minds together to create a better Brownsville. Our Community Planning Partners will be in the neighborhood with the Community Planning Partner Surveys for you to fill out. The survey is only Five (5) questions. Here are the questions:

  1. Describe Brownsville:
  2. What are some advantages/disadvantages in Brownsville?
  3. What are ways we can unite our community?
  4. What are your opinions/suggestions in attracting our youth in the Brownsville Community?
  5. In which direction do you see Brownsville going to within the next Five years?
These are the questions that can change Brownsville! Picture that! Our Community Planning Partners have something special in-store for Brownsville. Come along and join the Community Planning Partners in making efforts to make Brownsville a better environment! 

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