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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Abortion Is Black Genocide" by Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr.

Nationwide (February 24, 2011) -- Writing in "Right to Life News", a beautiful document about our right to life, the Rev. Jesse Jackson asked an amazingly salient question which shouts across the decades:

"What happens to the mind of a person, and the moral fabric of a nation, that accepts the aborting of the life of a baby without a pang of conscience? What kind of a person, and what kind of a society will we have 20 years hence if life can be taken so casually?"

"It is that question, the question of our attitude, our value system, and our mind-set with regard to the nature and worth of life itself that is the central question confronting mankind. Failure to answer that question affirmatively may leave us with a hell right here on earth."

That was January 1977. It is now 34 years later and we emphatically need to examine the profoundness of Jackson's comment, for this is one of the most incredible insights given to America four years after the launch of the systemic eugenics plan--Roe vs. Wade-- in the words of sitting Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, mimicking Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger, when she said, "Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don't want to have too many of." Concern about population growth...? Too many of whom...?

Yes, by design, Abortion was to be seductively proposed to the African-American community to reduce their numbers by ripping children apart within the womb. This plot would not only decimate the African-American community, it would also expedite the depletion of our national conscience. What most America thought then to be radical rhetoric coming from Black America's most popular spokesperson, has in this day become a sociological fact which can be empirically proven. After years of futility, much like Egypt's frustration with Israel in the book of Genesis--the more they afflicted them the more they increased--Abortion has become the "silver bullet" for the imbedded eugenic influence in our nation and the world. Nationally 1,786 African-Americans are killed each day by Abortion, and in New York City, for every 1,000 precious African-Americans born, sadly 1,525 are mutilated to death within the womb.

The 2006 Census report tells us African-American birth rates are beneath the replacement rate at 1.97. You need 2.1 to replace the existing population. There you have it: Genocide. If you were trying to reach the Mormons you would not set up in Harlem would you? Over 78% of the Abortion industry's Death Camps are set up in minority neighborhoods. There is more but I would like to look at this prophetic insight given in 1977 by the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

What has happened to the mind of a person, or the mind of our nation, for that matter, which would perpetuate a policy which exceeds the Jewish Holocaust in sheer numbers killed, and even today seeks to legislate further proliferation of the madness? What has happened to us? We have raised a generation taught by our Supreme Court's decision--not the people--and a culture where life is not viewed as sacred and protected anymore. We now live in a culture where even at the toddler stage they hear and have even been told, "I wish I had not had you." Or, "It was my choice to have you." This generation is subliminally, and/or, blatantly taught life only has purpose if my mother deems it so, or in other words saying: my worth is solely based on how my mother felt at that time when carrying me. The law implies that life is based on condition and not the endowed right from a higher divine authority. Therefore, the ever increasing problem of man's inhumanity to man increases, for they feel they are the arbiters, and if so, lives who are impeding their pursuit of life are to be perceived as intrusions and not sacred beings with endowed rights from God himself. What has happened to the mind of a person who has no reference of the endowment of God was correctly perceived by Rev. Jackson: their conscience is eroded by their lack of acknowledgement.

The cornerstone of all law begins with the sanctity of life and when this is removed culturally you will have an acceleration of lawlessness on every level. The sanctioning of the wholesale murder of over 54 million innocent children since 1973, over 20 million of them African-American, has emaciated the moral fabric of our nation and as long as the law remains in the mind of its people, the brazen inhumanity and callous acts of violence will perpetuate.

Rev. Jesse Jackson asked the question, "What kind of a society will we have 20 years hence if life can be taken so casually?" Let us take a look. In 2011, just to mention a few, we inject women's wombs with deadly serums to induce a late term abortion that induces still-born children which are later dissected for body parts businesses right here in the United States; our daughters have unexpected births and the mother takes the daughter to the hospital and leaves the child in a plastic bag at home; an abortionist keep their lunch next to body parts of aborted babies without the fear of government inspection; children are given contraceptives in school and are shown by teachers how to bring their partner to orgasm without indulging in natural intercourse; and even a would-be prom queen has her baby at the event and flushes it down the toilet and then goes back to the dance floor...

In answer to Rev. Jesse Jackson's question--"What kind of society will we have?"--we clearly see the depravity and moral decay of what we have become. The real question we need to challenge ourselves with, Dr. King already proposed in his speech, "Where Do We Go From Here?":

"First we must massively assert our dignity and worth. We must stand up amidst a system that still oppresses us and develop an unassailable majestic sense of values. We must no longer be ashamed of being Black."

"On the contrary, we must see in ourselves the image of the Divine and accept the divine mission to repair and free ourselves in the process of restructuring and freeing this country from the triple evils of racism, materialism and militarism."

I would add, Abortion. This is something, we as a people, must rediscover.

Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr. is the founder of www.BlackGenocide.org - a website designed to reach the Afro-American community with the truth about abortion.


Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr.

President, LEARN NE


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