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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

JRIP (Juvenile Robbery Intervention Program) Featured on NYDailyNews.com

( Lt. David Glassberg along with Det. Sasha Spivey; Juvenile Robbery Intervention Program (JRIP) )
 Courtesy of NYDailyNews.com

Read this article that features Lt. David Glassberg, Det. Sasha Spivey and Officer Tramaine Oxley along with the Officers of the Juvenile Robbery Invention Program talking about their work in the Brownsville community. The article is written by Rocco Parascandola, the Daily News Police Bureau Cheif 

Troubled Brooklyn teens are getting some tough love from cops hoping to steer juvenile offenders onto the right path.

Ten officers are assigned to the Juvenile Robbery Intervention Program (JRIP) in Brownsville, which helps housing project teens busted for robbery get job training, social services and educational opportunities.

"We want to help these kids," said Lt. David Glassberg, who runs the JRIP program. "We do what we can to keep them from getting in trouble again."

To read the article in its full entirity click this link: Brownsville teens being monitored by cops also offered guidance following robbery arrests

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