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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Weekend In Revue with Our Community Planning Partners

Brownsville Partnership staff and volunteers was put to work this past weekend. This past was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Weekend in Brownsville and all over the country. In his honor, we went in the community and done several activities with our Brownsville residents.

Greg "Jocko" Jackson and his staff at the Brownsville Recreation Center hosted a theatrical production by NIA Production titled "She's All Into Herself" on Friday night and the 1st Annual Brooklyn's "We Got Talent" Talent Show on Saturday afternoon. Both events were packed with people of all ages.

The theatrical production "She's All Into Herself" was about a teenager who was conceited, stuck-up and wanted everything to be about her. She started to realize that everything could not be about her when she encountered some unfortunate events such as getting kicked off of the Step-Team, being an understudy for the leading role in the school play, missing out on the chance to be friends with a boy that she liked and her mother having an Asthma attack. After all of those events occurred, she started to act humble. Overall, the play was great! The cast had the audience laughing from start to finish.

Brooklyn's "We Got Talent" Talent Show was action-packed! The talent who performed for the packed gymnasium at the Brownsville Recreation had the audience singing along and nodding their head to the beat of the music. There are some very talented people in Brooklyn!

Monday morning, Brownsville Partnership staff and volunteers along with Ameri-Corps did a Community Clean-Up in Brownsville Houses and Van Dyke Houses. One of the buildings in Van Dyke Houses, 362 Sutter Ave, is where Dr. Richard Kennedy grew up in. Dr. Richard Kennedy is a Senior Medical Officer at World Bank. He is prominent figure in the Medical and Health Industry.

Thank you to everyone that came out!

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Also, keep Kevina Ervin in your prayers! She was the 16 year old young female who was shot in the face this past weekend. Let's pray for her recovery!

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