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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thousands more NYC students need to take summer school to advance

School in the Summer...

Read this article by Rachel Monahan who writes for New York Daily News.

A lot more kids need summer school this year, officials said yesterday.

This summer, 12,000 more city public school students than last year should hit the books harder, according to a Department of Education analysis.

In all, 34,069 students in third through eighth grades likely will be held back if they don't attend summer school.

"Before promoting any of these students to the next grade, we need to make sure they have mastered the skills needed to succeed," said city Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott.

To be promoted, the city requires students to score a basic "Level 2" on state English and math exams.

Because the state exams are given in May, the city does not have the official results, but instead has projected which students have not met their standards.

City officials said they did not expect more students to fail the exam but had made a more accurate judgment of the need this year.

Last year, the city recommended 22,802 students for summer school, when in fact 31,000 bombed the standardized tests.

The summer term will cost the city almost $51 million - $4 million more than last year.

"It's good that more students will have the opportunity to improve. I think it's scary how many kids need to improve," said Advocates for Children Executive Director Kim Sweet.

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