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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Community Planning Partner Survey #2

Our Community Planning Partners, Karrie Scarboro and Randy Millard along with Jacqueline Kennedy have created Community Planning Partner Survey #2. Our Community Planning Partners are in Phase II of their Community Planning Process for the Brownsville Partnership. Phase II entails that our Community Planning Partners will engage the community in a discussion on more specific views. The Brownsville residents will be asked what parks, buildings, streets and commercial areas they like and dislike, and why.

Here are the questions:
  1. Where are areas in the community that are considered unsafe and undesirable?
  2. Name locations in the community that are very important to the community but are underutilized and poorly maintained.
  3. What do you like/dislike about the local shopping/commercial areas in Brownsville? (i.e. Pitkin Ave, Belmont Ave., Rockaway Ave and Livonia Ave)
  4. What are some intersections and streets that can be enhanced or better guarded for pedestrians and children? And How? (i.e. Speed bumps, bike lanes)
  5. What parks in Brownsville do you think need the most work?
  6. How can we put usage to vacant spaces and abandoned structures in Brownsville?
You can contact Karrie Scarboro via phone (347) 654-0519 (Cell) or E-mail  kscarboro@commonground.org or Randy Millard via phone (347) 314-0306 or E-mail rmillard@commonground.org


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